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The Fight Against Zika in Utah


State Capital of Utah.


This year, Utah has actually had over eight cases of Zika, as well as one death. For now, it hasn’t infected the local mosquitoes, however it might spread and quickly. Funding of Zika continues to be stalled in Congress. This has delayed $1.1 billion in funding for Zika control, monitoring and research.

The demand is far less than the Obama administration had actually asked for at the start of the year, but would be better than no funding. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has actually mentioned that available funds for Zika are almost exhausted. For next year’s funding, Congress can not concur on a budget. It will be up to the freshly elected Congress to choose on Zika funding next year. But you can protect yourself from mosquitoes by learning more about them.

What to Know: The Mosquito Lifecycle

As the heat of summertime shows up, mosquito season reaches its peak. The warm temperatures make them travel through their life cycle faster, so more are laying eggs and more eggs are hatching. By the end of the summer, you might observe a decline in bites, because there are fewer mosquitoes around. Those which were born earlier in the summer season are slowly disappearing from accidents and predators, and fewer new eggs are hatching.

At the end of the season, mosquitoes types which die for the winter season won’t vanish totally till frost arrives, though they end up being less active as temperatures drop below 50 degrees. Those that hibernate as adults will begin their inactivity when winter season weather condition shows up, but some might visit on warm winter season days, so you may see a couple of any time the temperature is warm enough.

Ways to Protect Yourself Now and Later

Those are who lucky enough to still be enjoying this warmth and sunlight should still depend on bug control services to keep your yard itch free, but if you’ve already switched from A/C to heat and you’re putting on your coat in the early morning, mosquitoes are probably fading from your mind. Exactly what you may unknown is that there’s still some preventative measures to take in the fall and winter season months to keep a mosquito-free backyard, after your last spray. Here’s exactly what you ought to understand:

In the fall months after mating, male mosquitoes pass away. But did you understand female mosquitoes actually hibernate? That’s right, they can in fact endure the winter season. In the spring when the weather condition heats up, they seek blood to eat so they can lay their eggs. All mosquito larvae (eggs) require water, even in the winter, and mosquito larvae can last for years. As the water temperature drops, it generally produces a dormant stage in the mosquito larvae called diapause, which stops more advancement. Development resumes when the water warms once again. They’re simply loaded with tricks, aren’t they?

This time of year, being outside still implies handling a couple of pests. That’s where your local pest control service has your back. We understand it’s tempting to end your mosquito spray services early as the leaves start to turn, however sticking it out a little bit longer will not just make your fall more satisfying, it will drastically reduce your bites come next season too! Mosquitoes can survive and lay eggs in temperature levels as low as 50 degrees, which is still a long way off from being typical for the majority of you. Do not believe that the end of summer immediately means the end of mosquitoes–let Legacy Pest Control complete exactly what fall started with one last spray.

About Us

Legacy Pest Control is a 5-star pest control service that serves the northern Utah area. We’re family owned and have been in business for over 15 years! Our tried and true Utah pest control methods are safe, effective, and guaranteed.

September 16, 2016 |

Flood Cleanup Tips


flood cleanup review
Every year, floods kill more people than lightning, tornadoes and typhoons combined. They can likewise damage homes and businesses, requiring everything from brand-new drywall and furnishings to entirely new structures.

If your house or industrial location has been flooded due to a natural disaster, your first concern is security. Keep away from the area until government officials state it’s safe to return. When you can go back, take emergency products and cash with you. If you can get to a phone, call your insurer and, if required, a flood and water disaster restoration specialist.

Then, you can get started on evaluating the destruction. Watch every action, since the threat of slips and falls is high. Likewise, be really careful around home appliances, gas lines and electrical equipment. Utilizing them prematurely could trigger electrical shocks as well as surges. And do not forget that wet products can be really heavy. Do not injure yourself by overdoing it.

Where to Start When Inspecting Flood Damage

Your house and its contents might look beyond hope, however a number of your personal belongings can be restored. If you do things right, your flooded house can be cleaned up, dried, rebuilt, and reoccupied earlier than you think. While you are getting the job done ahead, you must remember these 3 essential points:

1. Play it safe. The risks are not over when the water goes down. Your house’s foundation might have been deteriorated, the electrical system may have shorted out, and floodwaters might have left behind things that could make you ill. Many flooded products, such as wallboard and bed mattress, will hold mud and contamination forever. When in doubt, throw it out. Do not run the risk of injury or infection.

2. Ask for aid. Many individuals can do a great deal of the clean-up and repairs discussed in this book. But if you have technical concerns or do not feel comfortable doing something, get expert help. If there is a federal disaster affirmation, a telephone “hotline” will frequently be advertised to offer information about public, personal, and voluntary programs to help you recuperate from the flood. Government disaster programs are there to help you, the taxpayer. You’re paying for them; research them thoroughly.

3. Floodproof. It is that your house will be flooded again someday. Floodproofing means using products and practices that will prevent or lessen flood issue in the future. Numerous floodproofing techniques are low-cost or can be easily integrated into your rebuilding program. You can save a lot of cash by floodproofing as you fix and rebuild. You must likewise get ready for the next flood by buying flood insurance coverage and composing a flood action strategy.

In Conclusion: Don’t Underestimate Flood Damage

Do not underestimate flood water in unwanted places: even if your basement just has an inch of water in it, or is simply damp, it can provide the best breeding place for mold. Mold growth not only ruins walls, furnishings, carpets, flooring, etc., but it can also result in poor indoor air quality causing breathing issues including asthma, and can lead to severe illness. Preventing mold growth is crucial to keeping your house’s air clean and healthy. So after the location has dried, including wood beams, insulation, drywall, and so on, use a great disinfectant to obtain rid of any bacteria that might have shown up through sewers, toilets, etc. Gloves Off Disinfectant, is a non-toxic however powerful disinfectant. Sanitize all areas affected by the flood waters consisting of walls and wood and non-upholstered furniture that were soaked by flood water.

About Us

Utah Flood Cleanup is a 5-star disaster cleanup service centered in Ogden. We’ve been in business since 1992 and are available 24/7 for your damage restoration needs!

September 16, 2016 |

Offroading in Utah


Utah is popular for its outdoors and can boast a long history of Western movies and world-famous images of its stunning landscape. The state’s tagline is “finest snow on Earth,” but its national parks are the genuine tourist draw. Utah’s five magnificent national parks extend across the southern half of the state and can be experienced individually, or as part of one impressive trip. Each park offers visitors special, world-class scenic vistas, geological phenomena and wildlife. In reality, Utah’s national parks feature a few of the most impressive landscapes worldwide.

But for us, there’s only one location that matters: Moab. Moab is situated in eastern Utah about 230 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. It is well-known for its technical slick rock & off-road tracks, but likewise offers sand routes and great scenery. Individuals come here from all over the world to ride the slick rock tracks and experience the gorgeous surroundings. Stow your favorite offroading vehicles on your trailer and you’ll be on the majority of the tracks within 5-10 minutes after leaving the city.

Moab is one of the most stunning desert riding areas in Utah. With such diverse riding terrain from slick rock motorcycle routes to extremely technical 4×4 routes, there are trails for every ability level and every automobile. The finest time to visit Moab is throughout the fall and spring months when temperature levels are listed below 80, however summer season can offer some fantastic night riding if you have excellent lighting readily available.

There are hundreds of miles of Moab off-roading tracks to provide you days and days of riding. The majority of the tracks in Moab are 4×4 roads with the exception of Sovereign and Slick Rock. However do not let that prevent you. The majority of the 4×4 routes are technical and just amazing. Moab differs from any place you’ve ever been.

On public lands, motorized as well as bike travel is limited to designated routes. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) offers updated designated path maps. Likewise, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) provides updated motor automobile use maps. Business maps consist of Moab Classic and Moab East/West by Latitude 40, which are offered at the Moab Information Center (Main & Center Streets in Moab). Guide books consist of ATV Trails Guide and Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails. These books are offered at the Moab Information Center, and can likewise be purchased in advance online from Canyonlands Natural History Association.

4WD routes are the best method for a lot of motorcyclists to check out the canyon nation. These primitive roadways provide amazing surroundings, with difficulties that range from moderate to severe. Their width offers space to pass, and provides an alternate line for riders to pick. Many of the routes utilized throughout Jeep Safari are marked, and extend from Moab in every direction. Initially blazed for uranium mining, these renowned tracks made Moab a leading 4WD location, worldwide.

Moab is certainly for experienced riders. If you’re not a skilled rider and wishes to experience the slick rock, there are RZR trips and Hummer tours you can do.

Riders seeking a longer-distance, or less-rugged, experience can use the network of graded, dirt roadways. They are usually preserved, but of course wash-outs and other threats can occur. If your bike is street-legal, you can follow graded roadways all the way to towns like Green River, Monticello, and even Fruita, CO. Kokopelli’s Trail is dual-sport friendly, except for the rocky hill above Onion Creek and the non-motorized area listed below Cisco.

About the Author

Kendon USA knows you love motorcycles. We do too. But we also realize that sometimes the destination is more important than the journey, and sometimes too much seat time is a bad thing. When that’s the case, load your bike on a Kendon trailer and get there in comfort. Then ride. Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailers. Go. Ride.

September 13, 2016 |

Questions for Your Divorce Consultation


It is necessary to prepare yourself for your divorce consultation. First, you ought to prepare psychologically. Be prepared to go over things that are extremely individual, which you might not be accustomed to discussing with others. This is specifically applicable when you are having marital or familial troubles. Know that it is fine to reveal anger, aggravation, and pain, and that it is okay to weep. Acknowledging these emotions prior to starting will help the consultation go more smoothly for you.

When you have prepared yourself psychologically, prepare yourself mentally as well by thinking about what your lawyer will ask you in addition to any concerns you might want to prepare ahead of time to ask in return.

Questions Your Attorney Will Ask You

Throughout your initial interview with a divorce attorney, anticipate that the attorney will supply you with an overview of what to anticipate relative to at least the following 5 issues: (1) the divorce process, (2) matters regarding any small kids of the marriage, (3) splitting up your assets and liabilities, (4) support (both kid support and spousal assistance), and (5) the related attorneys’ fees and costs. In order to be able to deal with these 5 primary issues for you and to provide you with a potential gameplan, it will be required for the attorney to make substantial inquiries into all sorts of matters. Some of the concerns will be standard info research, but many will refer to small children, finances, and personal matters such as any initiating actions that led to the divorce.

Know that when addressing these questions the attorney-client privilege is in place, meaning anything you tell the lawyer will not, and can not, be repeated to anybody without your express permission. With that understanding, it is imperative that you inform the attorney the truth and provide all the related details. The quality of the suggestions you receive will be proportional to the truthfulness with which you address the lawyer’s questions.

Concerns You Must Bring Up With Your Attorney

1. The number of cases of this type have you required to trial?

It’s one thing to have “dealt with” divorce cases, and quite another to have actually taken cases to trial. Most cases settle, and the best attorneys are excellent at settling cases so that going to court is not essential. Some attorneys nevertheless are hesitant to take any case to trial.

While you may be positive your case will settle, it is a good idea to consider a divorce attorney who has a good balance of trial experience while staying a supporter of settlement. You do not desire a divorce attorney who takes every case to court since it demonstrates that they may be unreasonable, may unknown the law, or might be too interested in gathering legal costs. However, having actually taken cases to trial shows your attorney is well-informed about the law in theory and practice as you can not “phony” your method through family law in a court.

2. Exactly what should I be doing now to secure myself?

Prior to you leave that office, ensure you have discussed exactly what you must be doing until the next action step in your case. Should you be paying child support or spousal support (PSS)? How should you handle joint credit accounts or financial accounts? Immediate common sense actions can save you numerous difficulties as well as saving you a significant amount of money in many situations.

For instance, failure to pay appropriate kid assistance (at standard levels) or short-term spousal support (PSS) increases the opportunities of you being ordered to pay your spouse’s lawyer fees which can be a little fortune. A divorce legal representative will not be able to provide you specific figures at an initial assessment due to the absence of information about your case, however they should be able to make you aware of the risk and prospective commitment and offer you some support.

In some cases, limiting orders can be obtained to stop a spouse from spending or concealing cash and assets too. A good divorce attorney can assist you minimize your dangers and secure your financial future.

3. What can I do to make this easier on everyone involved?

In order to get the most out of your relationship with your attorney, it is finest that you take part in a collaborative method with them. Attempt to be as organized as possible since it is in this way that you can enable your attorney to be proactive and not reactive to your spouse’s lawyer during proceedings. By being prepared throughout the procedures, your legal representative can concentrate on really advocating for you, as they will have a toolbox filled with all the appropriate details you have offered them with.

Lastly, a good lawyer will have recommendations to offer on ways to deal with the case efficiently. They can offer coaching, advise family counselors or therapists, and otherwise provide aid beyond the courtroom. Bring the topic up. Take advantage of their experience.

About the Author

Stacey Schmidt is lead counsel of the divorce and family law team at Schmidt and Gladstone. She received her education at Brigham Young University graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 1989, and continuing on to the J Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young for her Juris Doctorate Degree in 1992.

September 13, 2016 |

What if Payday Loans Didn’t Exist?


The payday market’s critics like to accuse lenders of hiding exorbitant interest rates or fees in the paperwork that often snares the most vulnerable clients in a cycle of debt. Excellent payday loan providers clearly disclose their loan terms and conditions, such as the dollar amount of any fees and the APR. Moreover, payday lenders are controlled and monitored by state agencies as well as the new federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). However, there’s no denying that payday lenders have a terrible reputation. So what if we just got rid of them completely?

If Payday Lenders Disappeared Completely

Even those who loathe the industry confess it satisfies a consumer demand. Roughly 12 million Americans take out a payday advance loan each year, spending more than $7 billion, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. What then will people who are underbanked do? Well, let’s look at their options:

  1. BANKS: Critics and the CFPB have been quite public in saying the very best option would be for traditional banks, with all their regulations, to take over payday lending. Banks are easily accessible, have plenty of money, and can make loans at much lower interest rates and still be successful. However, payday advance loans are seen as very risky and costly. The expenses for underwriting and processing such small loans would eat into banks’ profits despite the high rate of interest they carry. So banks aren’t interested.
  2. CREDIT UNIONS: There are currently some experimental options going on to attempt to replace payday loans. One program offered through credit unions is called the Payday Alternative Loan (PAL), where a client can obtain a loan under $1,000 at 28% interest and a flat charge of $20. But interest in the program has been restricted. The federal regulator for the PAL program approximates only 20% of cooperative credit unions supplied such loans and the total loans made only added up to $123.3 million last year, which is nothing compared to the roughly $7 billion the mainstream payday lending market performed in the same year. What will everyone else do for short term loans?
  3. PAWN SHOPS: A 2015 Cornell University study discovered that states that prohibited payday advance loans saw more activity at pawn stores and more bank accounts being closed involuntarily, probably due to individuals over-drafting their accounts. However, pawn shops still charge high interest rates, so they don’t offer an improvement over payday loans. They just change the legalities.

How Payday Loans Help

Payday loans aren’t people aren’t looking for a hand-out. They need to have a job, a checking account, and proper identification. Most of them work hard to handle their finances so that all their obligations are met. But when something unforeseen appears, such as a flat tire, an unexpected illness, or a desperate home repair, they need help.

Some rely on loved ones or pals for help in a crunch. But when that isn’t enough, they face the terrible choice of deciding what will hurt the least: losing their home, their car, their job, or their electricity. Payday loan providers offer a better way out.

Critics of payday lending mention the high rate of interest they charge. A $15 fee on a $100 advance for two weeks amounts to a 391% yearly interest rate. That’s huge when considered as an annual rate, but keep in mind that these loans only last a few weeks. It’s likewise significant that the interest on a typical payday advance is much lower than the fees for a bounced check or a late mortgage or credit card payment.

The truth is that millions of Americans have an extremely beneficial experience with the short-term lending item, and that’s why the industry has survived so long.

About Us

Money 4 You Payday Loans is a Utah-based lender with over 21 locations along the Wasatch Front and 20+ years of commitment to our community.

September 12, 2016 |

The Status Quo in a Divorce is the New Black


Custody of child

So you are thinking of separating. Possibly things are so bad in between you and your soon to be ex that you simply can’t take it any longer and are leaving. Prior to you make that option you need to completely comprehend that if you leave the house and the kids behind, you are establishing a brand-new status quo which might not be to your benefit in case you apply for divorce. If the parents are separated, a judge will look at exactly what the parties have been doing while apart and ask if it is working. The status quo sets a precedent and judges prefer to maintain a status quo that is working, it does not matter necessarily that you do not like it. There are two major issues which individuals must think about prior to they separate and vacate the family house.

How the Status Quo Impacts Possession of the Home in a Divorce

If you vacate the marital house upon separation, it might later on weaken your chances of being awarded ownership of the marital house at a later time throughout the divorce. Let’s state your spouse is driving you nuts and chooses not to leave the home, so you decide to go find your very own house and leave thinking you will simply later combat to obtain back in the home after you apply for divorce. This is not an excellent tactical plan due to the fact that the judge might simply look at the scenario and say, “well why would I award you belongings of the marital house when you have currently left and established a separate home?” When a brand-new status quo has been established, judges are often reluctant to change things.

How the Status Quo Impacts Custody and Visitation Rights

The term “status quo” describes the existing plan between the parents and children regarding child visitation and custody. The status quo typically impacts court choices associated with these issues. The following is a summary:

  • Whatever the existing status quo is between the moms and dads of the child might stay the status quo throughout a child custody case. This suggests that if the parents have actually agreed upon a visitation schedule for a significant time period and it appears to be working well, the judge might use this schedule as the basis for ongoing custody plans.
  • In some scenarios, nevertheless, the court will not abide by the status quo. This holds true when one parent is dissatisfied by the current visitation arrangement and can show an excellent reason it ought to be changed.
  • If you are the parent who is happy with the status quo and the other parent is requesting a modification, you will have to advocate to the court as to why the present arrangement ought to not be altered.
  • If you are the mom or dad who is dissatisfied with the status quo visitation plan, you must show the court why this arrangement is not in the kid’s finest interest.
  • Courts are more likely to change the status quo arrangement in cases where it has actually been a momentary modification from how visitation used to be managed between the mom and dad, or in cases where the arrangement was forced upon the kids over the objection of either the mom or the dad.

What Does “Presumption in Favor of the Status Quo” Mean in a Child Custody Hearing?

Throughout kid custody hearings, judges normally issue their judgments with an “anticipation in favor of the status quo”. The judge will base the child custody order according to the status quo, which is the arrangement that existed before the procedures.

All kid custody determinations must be made in according to the very best interests of the child. In a lot of cases, it is typically in the very best interests of the kid not to interrupt existing custody arrangements unless it is definitely necessary.

Therefore, judges often choose to protect the status quo in any kid custody hearing. The reason is that the kid may have already gotten utilized to the existing adult arrangement.

When Can the Status Quo Be Altered or Altered?

Naturally, the reason that kid custody hearings are submitted is typically due to the fact that the present custody arrangement might not appropriate for the child. A judge might pick to alter, alter, or ignore the status quo when:

  • The kid or kids would take advantage of a new custody determination
  • Either mom or dad has actually dedicated abuse, violence, harassment, or other offenses against the child
  • Supporting the status quo would not be practical for the kid (for example, if just one parent wants to actually move or has recently been moved) for work
  • A modification in custody is needed by law (for instance, if a brand-new statute has been issued by the state which affects custody rights)
  • For that reason, a judge will consider the entire scenario surrounding the child when figuring out custody. This might result in the parents having to alter an existing, casual custodial plan so that the child’s needs are better served

About the Author

David Pedrazas has been recognized as Salt Lake City’s best divorce attorney by many associations year after year. Since 1998, he has settled over 1,000 cases and won multiple awards for his excellent trial record.

September 12, 2016 |

Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailers & Lifts by Kendon Industries



When it concerns towing, we’ve got you covered. Kendon trailers are so lightweight and compact that you can tow one with nearly any automobile on the road today. A typical compact car is all you need to carry a lightweight Kendon folding trailer. Kendon’s Stand-Up ™ Folding Trailers are specifically created to fold and stand up to save space in your garage or any place you keep your trailer.

Select Your Folding Trailer

We offer a wide range of trailers designed to fit your certain application. No matter what you ride, there’s a Kendon Stand-Up ™ Trailer for you.

Folding Chopper Trailer: The Chopper trailer brings one extended-length motorcycle approximately 1,000 lbs. and uses up about the same space as a little bed room dresser.

Folding Dirt Bike Trailer: One trailer to transport your dirt bikes, your sport bikes, adventure bikes, and scooters. The three-rail will even work for one heavy American v-twin or metric cruiser. If you enjoy bikes of all sizes and shapes, the Three-Rail may be simply what you’re trying to find.

Folding ATV Trailer: Big and husky and prepared for action, the Folding Stand-Up ™ Utility Trailer works as both a power sports trailer for your ATVs, UTVs, and Side by Sides, and as a general-purpose utility trailer with its big 6 ft. x 8 ft. broadened metal deck. And in real Kendon design, it folds and stands up for fantastic space-saving benefit.

The Kendon Benefit

  • Patented folding, stand-up space-saving design
  • Independent torsion bar suspension
  • Triangulated round tube building
  • Made in the USA from American steel
  • Big industrial-grade casters for maneuverability
  • Low deck height for simple loading and unloading
  • Lightweight, one-person stand-up operation
  • Filling ramps included with every trailer
  • Premium-quality commercial powder coat finish
  • Exception efficiency, benefit, and worth

Pick Your Trailer Type

Push-up Trailers: Kendon’s light-weight design and perfectly balanced chassis implies simple one-person operation. Just stand your trailer up and roll it into location on the practical rolling casters. Easy as that.

Ride-up Trailers: Our ride-up trailers feature extra-wide ramps and wider rear sections for safe foot positioning as you ride your bike onto your folding trailer.

Kendon Industries, LLC
1672 Sierra Madre Cir
Placentia, CA 92870
(714) 630-7144

September 1, 2016 |

Indications It’s Time to Replace Your Sliding Glass Door


sliding glass door replacement

If you are lucky adequate to have sliding glass doors in your house, you know how practical and beautiful they are. Sliding glass doors enable great deals of sunshine into a room as well as provide a large stretch from which to look the outdoors. If you see any of the following indications, changing your sliding glass doors should be at the top of your house maintenance list.

You Can See Light Around the Door Frame

If you can see light through, under, between or around your doors, that is not great. Where there is light, there is air loss and where there is air loss, there is cash being tossed away. Even a small gap can enable a large amount of heat or cool air out and into your home. Over just a couple of months, you could actually be throwing money right out of the door. You may be able to get away with an adjustment or new weather strip, but if that does not fix the problem, replacing the door ought to definitely be on your radar.

You Feel a Draft When Near the Door

This chooses any and all outside doors in the house. If it is cold externally and you go and wait your front door and you instantly feel a chill or a modification in the temperature level, that is bad. Either your doors have gaps and are dripping or they are just improperly insulated. Wood and metal or steel doors do not insulate along with vinyl sliding glass doors.

Condensation in Between Panes of Glass

Do you see any condensation in between the 2 insulated panes of glass of your sliding glass door? Condensation in between the glass is a sign of seal failure. When your sliding glass door shows fog and the weather condition report does not, you’re taking a look at a problem with the door’s double-pane building. These two panes of glass are typically separated by a little area which is closed off to the outside world with rubberized gaskets along the edges. This design supplies stronger insulation versus outside noises and temperature changes. Drying representatives called desiccants are placed within this space to keep humidity out of it. When the vacuum seal against the outside world has been breached, the desiccants can no more manage the wetness level in between the 2 panes– and you get condensation in the form of fog. When the seal of your sliding glass door breaks, it allows wetness to enter the space in between your glass panes, which triggers condensation. White film is another sign of broken seals. The movie is caused due to a calcium develop from the condensation.

Physical Damage to Sliding Glass Door

If you see visible signs of wear and tear such as huge decomposing or chipping, then you certainly need a brand-new patio area door. Strong winds, intense heat, and heavy rain can all take their toll on your sliding glass doors. Our vinyl sliding glass doors, have exteriors that do not require much care. They will not peel, blister, flake or corrode, making them an excellent low-maintenance choice.

Sliding Glass Door Replacement in Utah

Contact Advanced Window Products instantly if you see any of these signs. Our sliding glass doors are resilient, protected, and energy-efficient. We are the leading choice amongst house owners in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding locations because of our outstanding client service and exceptional products. Offer us a call to get more information about our sliding glass door options or to get a no-obligation quote.

August 23, 2016 |

When to Choose Digital or Offset Printing


printing servicesPrinting is not as easy as one may believe. There are different printing processes that produce different outcomes. Offset printing and digital press printing are the most typical printing approaches. What is the distinction between the two? There are advantages and disadvantages to both digital printing and offset printing.

Offset Printing Explained

Offset printing makes its name since the ink is not directly moved to paper during the printing procedure. This method uses plates to move an image onto a rubber roll that is then continued a sheet of paper.

Offset Printing Advantages:

– More cost efficient for printing large quantities

– Cheaper price per piece the more you print

– Greatest printing quality

– Greater information

– Accurate color recreation

Digital Press Explained

Digital press printing does not use plates like offset printing does. Rather it utilizes toner or liquid ink. The ink is digitally used rather of rolled on. Digital printing provides the power of personalization with variable data printing. An option that enables each printed piece to be individualized with information, such as a name, address, code, etc.

Digital Press Advantages:

– Lower setup costs for shorter runs

– More cost effective for runs less than 250

– Print-on-Demand, print just what you need

– Variable data printing capability

– Quick turn-around

– Exception quality

– Functions with a range of papers and surfaces

Both offset printing and digital press printing produce quality paper pieces. You can identify which procedure is best for you by taking a look at your task’s requirements.

Think about these concerns to identify which press you ought to utilize:

  1. How fast do you need the printed pieces?
  2. The number of pieces you need?
  3. What type of paper do you desire to print on?
  4. Would your piece gain from variable information printing?
  5. Exactly what’s the size of the printed piece?


Do you still have questions or require aid figuring out which printing method is best for you or your company? Contact CES&R Printing Services at 855-608-2377 today. We would enjoy to address any questions or help you with your business’s printing requirements.

August 22, 2016 |

Benefits of Marketing Automation Software for Businesses



Marketing automation allows businesses with limited personnel resources to run complex campaigns successfully and also makes it possible for bigger business to link with each of their consumers in an extremely personalized method that is tough to do manually.

We have collected the top advantages of marketing automation to explain why an automated marketing solution is the right suitable for your business.

Marketing Automation is a Big Convenience

You can develop multiple projects and posts ahead of time and schedule them for a time and date in the future. You could, for example, develop a whole month’s worth of Facebook posts in one day and set them to post throughout the month.

Marketing Automation Conserves Cash

If you are a small company planning to efficiently manage your spending plan, marketing automation can be an ideal solution. By minimizing the need for personnel to spend as much effort and time producing and dispersing messages and collecting information, you can make the many of your resources.

4-15-2014-11-30-00-AMMarketing Automation Makes Lead Nurturing Much Easier

Not do you need to just get in touch with each lead by hand, which can be lengthy. An automatic marketing solution can help you reach out to a potential lead right from the start of their interaction. If, for example, a consumer visits your website and signs up to get your newsletters you can get in touch with them immediately with an automated option. They will receive a welcome and confirmation message, and you can also tell the option to send out all new customers a discount rate promo code and a survey about their preferences.

Marketing Automation Enables You to Reach Every One of Your Unique Customers

Instead of needing to manually section clients based on their requirements and preferences, some marketing automation options enable you to simply create restrictions that will enable clients to be automatically separated. For example, for a vehicle dealership, you could advise the solution to develop a list of consumers who have bought a particular brand name of a car. The solution can then send out messages and promotions to those customers that relate specifically to that vehicle brand. This method, consumers receive messages that pertain to their specific requirements.

Marketing automation assists you to develop more useful and comprehensive client profiles

An automated solution is constantly gathering info based on customers’ purchases, e-mail opens and responses, selected preferences and more. All this information is saved for future use, to allow you (and your convenient automatic marketing option) to connect to each consumer more effectively.

TECHeGO is a Consumer Flow Interaction platform that combines marketing automation, incoming marketing, and multi-channel interaction. It enables you to reach out to your clients on their favored mode of interaction, with automated messages that pertain to their special requirements and interests. Sign up for a complimentary account today and begin getting in touch with your customers on a brand-new level.

August 19, 2016 |
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