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3 Reasons Your Customers or Clients Aren’t Leaving You Reviews!

  • Writing a review is just too tedious. It’s an extra task added to someones day, and typically not high on that persons’ priority list.
  • They forget to write a review when you ask them too, or again, it’s just no on their list of things to do.
  • Your customer or client just didn’t have the time. Well as a business owners know, time is a commodity that is always taken, and yet we’re sure you could find the time to leave another company a review if they performed well for you right!?

Use iGetReviews.com to Convert More Happy Customers into Reviewers!

  • Remind them to write you a review.
  • Make the process easier for them.
  • Make them aware of you during their down time.


How iGetReviews.com Works

  • Use your dashboard to ask and remind customers to share their experience online.
  • Drive customers to your company listing and drop them into the a special funnel designed to convert them into reviewers.
  • Our system will guide each reviewer through selecting the best review site for them to use in order to leave a review.
  • We find all the best sites your business is listed on, and ensure they are provided as an option for each reviewer.
  • You get notified each time you receive a review, and your reviews show up on your business listing here at iGetReviews.com
  • Your business listing provides SEO benefits by providing a link back to your website, a complete business NAP (name, address, and phone number) which provides a citation to Google which can help your website rank better in their search engine at a local level.
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